August 19, 2014

For the Nail Impaired: Cheap fake nails from Born Pretty

Nail art is so pretty…but hard. Getting it done at a salon is expensive, buying fake nails online is expensive, and doing it myself never looks good...The struggle is real! But it turns out that there are indeed bargain-priced fake nails out there, and Born Pretty is one store to check out for that! These nails, for example, cost only $4.59.

These nails were kindly sponsored by Born Pretty Store. Thank you Born Pretty Store!



Brand:24pcs/Box Cute Dots Rabbits Bunny Pattern Printed Full False Nail Tips

Price: $4.59 (Click here)

*Use “AYH10” for 10% off!

The box includes 24 nails of varying sizes. There are three total designs for the nails. It also comes with glue.

Color: They’re a vibrant yellow, true to the color in the photos. However, putting them on actually darkens the yellow color, adding a greyish hue to them.

I actually did not choose to coordinate my nails this way. There’s only one design for each size, so it just was a result of going by size.

Length: Short for fake nails! The overhang is about 1.5mm to 3mm long, depending on the nail.

Design: The design looks like it's printed on; everything is perfectly flat. And with that, it doesn't easily scratch or scrape off.

Nails: The nails are medium thick. I’ve owned nails both thicker and thinner than these. They feel sturdy. I’m a clutz, and they haven’t cracked so far! I’ll update this post if they do. And even though they’re sturdy, I have no problem fitting them onto my flatter fingernails. (Some nails are so thick that it’s difficult to press them onto my index finger and thumb, which are flatter than the rest of my nails.)

Glue: The glue included is not very strong. It takes some time to bond. In the case of my curved nails whose curvature didn’t quite match that of the fake nails, I had to hold it very firmly for at least 30 seconds. Even then, all the nails came off within 24 hours.

For these photos I was inspired to try a refreshingly simple, boyish style. But...not sure if it suits me. ><




Playing a game!

Lost the game...



Thinking very hard about life


Speak no evil

See no evil


▲ Kekeke, I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I don't care enough to cover my wig completely. XD


I really like them! I won't say love because I’m not a huge nail person in general, but I really do like them! They’re just my style—cute and happy, sturdy, won’t catch my hair, and not too long to interfere with my daily life. (I’m clumsy enough as it is!) Not to mention, they blend in well with my natural nails. Some nails are so thick and obvious that glue-ons, you know? This once caused an old man to point at them and say to me, "My daughter does that too! She's in fifth grade."

Welp, if you’re any bit like me (terrible at doing nails, clumsy, but cute at heart), I think these would be worth checking out! And for those of you still in school, I think these would make be the perfect accessory to start your school year in total kawaiiness, without being too over-the-top!

Born Pretty has many more simple designs like these and some with modest bling for around $5-6. They also have blingier designs that cost around $11:

But my eyes are on these decals—look at those clouds! And those cats! So cute

Should you decide to purchase, remember to use the code “AYH10” for 10% off!

Do share what sort of nail girl you are! Paint, glue-ons, or gel/acrylic? Do you do it yourself or go to a salon? What's your style?
I will say I tend to leave mine bare, simply because I suck at nails so much. I occasionally paint, but that ends badly. I'm too frugal for a salon. I still like glue ons, though, and I'm into cute, simple styles nowadays!

August 18, 2014

Hello Kitty overdose! Hello Kitty Cafe in Sinchon, Seoul

Most people seem to know that there’s a Hello Kitty café in Korea--there’s two, actually. But the one that gets the most publicity seems to be the Hongdae location, which is by far the worse option in my opinion! It’s small, cramped, and often very busy. The Sinchon location, on the other hand, is only one subway stop away and is so much larger, airier, and less busy. The ambience is completely different! It’s big and peaceful enough that the couple on the end were even getting all touchy touchaay, if you know what I mean...

These pictures are from awhile ago, so you’ll have to forgive me for the blurry quality!

The café is located on a bit of an incline.

It’s a bit hard to explain, but that yellow store on the bottom is actually a completely separate restaurant! And towards the back where that red car is is the sushi restaurant that Jiyeon and I ate at during Seollal.

The picket fence is so cute, especially with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel (I’m assuming that’s him?) waving and welcoming you!

And here is the entrance: You’ve got a sign on the left with little baby monkeys sitting on it, and a tantalizing food menu on the right!

Hint: I’ve actually tried the strawberry cake. It tasted…bad.

Here we go, up the steps!

I went in late January, so Christmas decorations were still on the door:

Did you notice the “No outside food” sign? Is that common around the world?

Now that we’re inside, here is the counter:

I just love these little signs hanging from the ceiling:

And to the left of that counter is this:

(Workers snacking on Krispy Kreme in their down time, kekeke.)

The frosted glass on the counter was decorated nicely, I think. ^^

Towards the top you can also see some of the merchandise that is available for purchase. Actually, the entire first floor is decked out with merchandise: plushies, mugs, tumblers, t-shirts, legos…

The best part, I think, is the seats! Hello Kitty sofas~~

The wall bordering the other room is even cut out like Hello Kitty!

Peeking into the other room:

Photo frames and merchandise on the shelves:

Not all of the sofas are large; they come in single size too!

In the hallway leading to the bathroom I saw this picture, for which I thought the colors and patterns matched together very well ^^

Even the mirror in the bathroom was Hello Kitty shaped!

Don't judge me; I thought it was a nice little detail. It kept the bathroom from feeling like a dingy, cramped little space. (*taking notes for my future home*) Now that we’ve explored the first floor, moving onto the second floor!

Second Floor:

The details in the sairwell are cute:

Up at the top you are greeted with this decoration, which is mounted on a bookshelf.

And…Dandan~! Welcome to the second floor! The second floor, as you can see, is much less extravagant than the first floor. There are no red Hello Kitty sofas up here, but it has much more natural light! It's cute in its own way. ^^

The murals on the wall make me feel like I'm in a dreamy, cartoon-style utopia, where life is always happy and simple~

Did you notice that little Hello Kitty wifi sign on the wall?

I personally like the floral cushions a lot! They look very homey ^_^ Just…pretend they were cleaner. ><

In the middle of the second floor is a big pillar collage. It shows Hello Kitty’s image throughout the years.

▲ I like 1983!

They have some more pictures on the wall:

My favorite of the bunch:

And from here you can see the patio.

I love looking through glass doors and seeing foggy weather outside~~

The decals on these doors contain such a cute and sweet messages:

Every time you dress up, you discover a little more of yourself.

My shopping list: 1) pretty shoes, 2) happy clothes, 3) a simply gorgeous bag!

Stepping onto the patio, you see this mural (can I call it that?)

And although I don’t take too kindly to those black dots beause they give me the heebie jeebies, everything else about it so calming. Hello Kitty and her love Dear Daniel, both dressed in little overalls with their tails poking out the back, the two of them watering their little tulips…It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

And finally…my drink! I don’t’ remember the name of this, but I believe it was one of their winter specials. I could be wrong, but I think it was just café mocha with dried raspberries on top?

I sat in the way corner which offered a view of the entire floor. See that couple on the way end? They’re the ones I talked about! You can’t see the girl because they’re smothering each other, keke.

And now we’ve seen it all. Here are some video clips I took to help bring everything to life ^^

Sorry it's a bit shakey; I was trying to be inconspicuous with all those people around.

Ok, now we’ve really seen it all!

On my way out I caught sight of this pot holder:

And off we go…


Here’s the address:
Name: Hello Kitty Cafe (Sinchon location) 헬로키티카페 신촌직영점

Address: 서울특별시 서대문구 창천동 13-3
Alternate form: 서울특별시 서대문구 명물길 36-6

Click here for map.


Comment which part you liked best about the cafe!