August 25, 2015

My "dont bother me" outfit

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My "dont bother me" outfit

Some days, I just do not want to deal with people. And on days like that, this is the type of thing I wear:

This is, for me, what I would consider a “tough girl” look. The reason I wear this sort of thing is because I have this theory that:
  1. If I dress "tough,” people will be less likely to bother me...kinda like resting bitch face!
  2. If I dress tough, I’ll feel tough, too! I've found that the things I wear have a huge effect on how I carry myself.
  3. Although this look involves a ton of makeup, it's still considered more normal than excessively cute and dolly stuff.
So for this particular outfit which I wore to run errands, here are the individual components!

The jumper dress I am wearing is from Forever21. Layered underneath it is my “Someday” shirt, which you can see better here: My Korean 90s style outfit

It’s an incredibly wide T-shirt, which actually suits this look better. Had I worn a form-fitting shirt, I would have looked petite, refined, and put together. The fact that this shirt is sliding off my shoulders and bulging out of the sides gives a sort of “I don’t care” feel.

As for the accessories, I am simply wearing a grey and black snapback. (It's helpful for hiding greasy hair, hehe.) I don’t have much jewelry, so I took full advantage of my ear piercings instead. The little wing on my cartilage is my favorite part ^^

Moving onto shoes, I am wearing my Demonia leopard creepers paired with white lace socks!

I actually didn’t plan on wearing these socks, but I had nothing else available. It turned out fine, thankfully! This lace sock/creeper combination reminds me of feminine goth, like the alternative stuff you see on Tumblr. On the other hand, plain white socks would have looked more boyish and straight-up street fashion-y. Both work, in my opinion!

And finally, my makeup. My makeup today consists of winged liner, red lipstick, and arched eyebrows:

I never thought I'd say this, but arched eyebrows are reaally growing on me! I don’t use them for dolly looks, but they do seem to work well for this one! My makeup looks a bit dirty here because of the contrast, but it wasn’t that bad in real life ^^; Here are some selca (pulled from my Twitter) to balance it out :3

I’m wearing my brown silicone hydrogel lenses (review here), which I highly recommend if you need comfy, everyday lenses. I often forget that I’m even wearing these, which is bad because I almost fall asleep with them on -_-

Thank you for reading! What's your “don't bother me” look?

August 24, 2015

It’s SO creamy! Etude House Play 101 Pencil #16 Mini Review (Also, I'm selling mine!)

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Etude House Play 101 Pencil #16 Mini Review

This is a really well done pencil. It’s the softest pencil I have ever tried, both in terms of eyeliners and lip liners. And for anyone that doesn’t know, this product is designed for use on your eyes, your lips, as well as your cheeks. It’s basically an all-around makeup product, packaged into a pencil:

Color: It’s a light pink color that is extremely buildable, since it’s so soft. If you press lightly, it’s a pale pastel pink. If you press normally and/or layer it, it becomes a bright, vivid, neon pink. It’s still a light pink, though, not a dark pink.

Here it is taken in late afternoon:

Texture: It’s super soft and creamy, to the point that it’s almost tricky to use! If you press too hard (which is easy to do, since it’s so soft), the tip of the pencil can crumble and leave little chunks on your eyes and eyelashes. In a way, it almost looks lumpy on my eyes compared to gel liners, which just apply like matte color:

I’m not sure why this is, to be honest. (Maybe I'm bad at using pencil liners?) But that being said, I’d still take it over a hard-to-apply eyeliner any day! It’s super easy to work with, and I think that with a little bit of practice and grace, you can do wonders with this. Plus, you can use it on your lips and cheeks too. Overall, great product! Good job, Etude!

Anyone in the US wanna buy mine for $2.50 + shipping? (It sells for 6,000KRW in Korea and $7.80 on Etude’s international website, and the 50 cents is because of Paypal's merchant fees TT) I think it’s a great product, but I don’t like it on my skin tone. I haven’t used much of it, maybe around 1/4 – 1/3 of a cm? I’ve only used it to swatch on my hands and a few runs on my eyes. I haven't used it enough to need to turn the bottom to make more come out.

I’m only going to offer it to other Americans at the moment, simply because shipping internationally is so expensive in the States! It’s also hard for me to guestimate how much it’d cost, so the whole thing would be quite up in the air for both of us. But if nobody in the States wants it, I’ll open it up to internationals :)

If anyone Americans want to buy it, please email me! My email address is: chichibanban (at) gmail (dot) com
To keep shipping costs low, I was thinking of just wrapping the pencil in some tissue paper and putting it in a regular sized envelope. I know that sounds ghetto, but the shipping shouldn’t be more $1.00 that way. (I weighed it and the whole thing came out to be 12g, which according to is 49cents for shipping!)

I still have the box, though, so I could also flatten that and include it inside the envelope if you want. It’s all up to you! I just wanted to minimize shipping fees to keep the price as low as possible ^^

Thanks for reading!

Snippets of Everyday Life in Korea, Episode 18! Going to the hospital and pharmacy

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Going to the hospital and pharmacy

We are nearing the end with these Snippets posts! This is my second to last one.

Getting skincare treatment:

Little background story!

About the time when I was about to leave Korea, my skin started breaking out. I had little pimples on both my nostrils and in between my eybrows. I went to my dermatologist, who, as sweet as she is, did not need any help in noticing XD

I asked her how she could help me and she did the whole inhale-through-her-teeth thing. (Video example here if you don’t know what I'm talking about! Sorry, I didn’t know any other example except this Youtube video.)

She said something about a stamping procedure to which I eagerly replied, “Ok, so long as you think it’ll help me!”
So they put me under anesthesia and I woke up like with tiny red dots all over my face:

You can't see it very well TT
But you can see where she removed the pimple on my nose!

It didn’t hurt, but it looked gnarly! If I understand correctly, they basically stabbed me with a bunch of needles. That left behind tiny traces of blood in the form of little red dots. And later on when those dots started to heal, they turned brown looked…disgusting.

When the procedure had finished I felt a bit…drunk? I left the hospital thinking I could handle it and get home fine, but I must have stumbled around pretty obviously. Because as soon as I left the building, one of the receptionists ran out in her little nurse getup (complete with slippers) and called out to me. I think I smiled and tried to wave her off, but she ran down the stairs instead. She put her hands around my shoulders and guided me back in to this room on the first floor:

It was a tiny little room with maroon-colored walls and a single bed. (And the posters that you see blurred out were of vaginoplasty results.) The receptionist then dimmed the lights and left, letting me rest.

I thought that was so sweet of her! ^^ She probably had no idea who I was or what procedure I had just gotten out of, but just by watching me walk, she recognized that I wasn’t ready to go home and took the initiative to run out and get me. She deserves a bonus! I slept in that room for about another hour or so and took the selca when I woke up.

Getting acne medication:

After I woke up it was time to go to the pharmacy to get my medication! My dermatologist had prescribed me 5 days worth of medication to help my acne.

In America, you usually get your prescription filled at one of those big chains (Walgreens, CVS, Target, etc.) It’s usually a little section inside of a big store. In Korea, the pharmacies are teeny widdle stores in and of themselves! This is the pharmacy I went to, but a lot of them look pretty similar:

They’re often small, cramped, and usually run by old people ^^ This particular one had a water dispenser with a bird’s nest decoration on top, which I thought was cute:

In the background you can see ATM machines for KEB, which was my bank :)

This is how my medicine came. The packets of medicine are usually tucked into paper envelopes like this:
Most of my medicine didn't come with info on the envelope like this one, though. I also can't guarantee the winter design, hehe.

And lastly, here is a random picture I took of Hongdae’s Pinkage store! I’ve never actually gone inside, but here’s the entrance!

It looks a bit ominous, haha~

Thank you for reading~

August 22, 2015

My Dororthy Wizard of Oz Outfit

Quick post here!

This is the outfit I wore to Michael’s today:

Dorothy wizard of oz outfit

I think I look a bit creepy here...I’m supposed to look cute like Dorothy (or Little Debbie, even) but I totally look like the twins from The Shining instead! Haha, it's the shadows! Oh well, I don't mind a bit of creepy ^^

The dress is from Korea. It’s actually quite baggy and shapeless on its own—pretty plain, to be honest! So to spice it up (and make it look younger), I added my handmade collar, which I pinned into place. I paired it with my red Yumetenbo heels and of course, lace socks. You can’t see it well in the photo, but I accented my hair with a cherry clip. I’ll have to show it again in another outfit!

This a sweet, country girl outfit. When I put it together, I had imagined a bubbly little girl running around outside and then into the kitchen to taste some of her mom’s apple pie. ^^ (Except, in reality I can’t run because these heels are massive.) I didn’t intend for this outfit to look like Dorothy’s, although I don’t mind that it does! And please ignore my bangs...They were blown astray. :<

For anyone that doesn’t have a Michael’s in their country, it’s a craft store. I went to pick up a couple goodies, as you saw in the photo. It’s such a magical place; being there makes me so giddy! ^_^